Weightlifting Workshop

What this Workshop Provides...

This sought after Weightlifting Workshop is an action packed, one-day with Coach Will (Henke) where you will practice and train three of the classic lifts from the sport of Olympic weightlifting; 

  • The Snatch
  • The Clean
  • The Jerk 

This workshop is designed for anyone; regardless of your fitness, ability or exposure to the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Whether you are a Coach or someone who’s looking to better refine your lifts, you'll be amazed at what you learn during this workshop!

Covering the fundamentals, progressions & correction drills for the Snatch, Clean and  (competition) Jerk, you will also learn some essential foundational exercises to take your  Olympic weightlifting to the next level. 

Class size is minimized for each workshop as Coach Will spends quality time with each of you during the practical (hands-on) sessions during the day - there's plenty of time to watch demonstrations and ask questions.

Some of the topics you’ll cover in this workshop include…

  • Basic fundamentals and biomechanics of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk
  • Correct set-up positions
  • In-depth look into all phases of pulling: 1st, transition, 2nd & 3rd pulls
  • Correct receiving positions plus turn-over techniques and associated drills to improve the same
  • Correct squatting techniques (Back, front & overhead variations)
  • Programming for Olympic Lifting
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Custom Workshops

We understand that 'one shoe does not always fit all'. In fact it's not uncommon for Coach Will to create a workshop to meet a specific clients needs.

Whether it's for your coaching staff or your clients, get in touch so Coach Will can jump onto a call with you. We're all about optimizing human performance and helping to improve fitness businesses around the world and often that requires the human touch.

The below are just some examples of the subjects that can be built into your workshop.

  • Coaches development
  • Mindset training for competitive and every day clients
  • Program design for different programs your gym offers
  • How to create sustainable, long-lasting changes that support a healthy lifestyle
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