The Dumbbell Program

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The Dumbbell Program

Simple, Effective workouts that only require limited time and equipment

No matter what your situation, this program is designed to ensure you can still get a solid training session in. Whether you're at home, in lockdown, your gyms closed or you're travelling, you can still keep working towards your fitness goals.

And even though it's called the Dumbbell Program, you can use whatever you have available to make it work e.g. a loaded backpack. These workouts are also time efficient but, don't be fooled, they're as tough as they are straight forward.

Combining bodyweight and weighted movements means you'll get a blend of strength and cardio work. Never again will your circumstance limit your ability to get a sweat on...

Daily Workouts Include:

  • Warm-up, Preparation, Cool down
  • Recommended Scaling Options
  • Equipment Modifications As Required
  • Coach’s Workout Insights
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"The programming is always well balanced, and will leave you feeling smoked (in the very best of ways) but never beyond what you're capable of. "

Frank Gonnello, USA

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