The Performance Program

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The Performance Program

for the functional fitness athletes out there

This program is for those who aspire to, or are already, competing in the sport of functional fitness. Compared to The Program this option has a considerably higher training volume and includes more complex gymnastics and barbell movements.

Whilst this program is not for those new to this style of training we do offer scaled back movement or weight options based on your experience and fitness level. We also use a semi-individualized approach to the workout designs based on feedback from users of the App.

We design each training block for this Performance Program with careful consideration for major annual functional fitness competitions such as the CrossFit Open and Sanctional events. If you want to perform your best in this style of competition, this program is for you!

Daily Workouts Including:

  • Warm-up, Preparation, Cool down
  • Recommended Scaling Options and Recommendations Based on Category
  • Equipment Modifications
  • The Coach’s Strategic Insight
  • Optional Accessory Work
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"Since following his this programming, the amount of progress I have seen with my own abilities has blown me away..."

Alex Macphail, Australia

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