Booty Build Program

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Booty Build Program

Booty gains

Some say that summer bodies are made in the Winter, however, we’re telling you that year-round Booties are made in 8 weeks, and set you up for life.

WanderFit The Program is proud to announce our latest program drop:

The Booty Build Program.

An 8-week program with our lead female coach, Cassie, who will teach you the techniques and tools to not only become more confident with training but support you in increasing your lower body strength whilst growing and shaping your lower body muscles.

Our program focuses on utilizing a cohort-based approach — this means you’ll join other amazing, dedicated women in growing your booty over the course of 8 weeks, providing you with a supportive community, direct access to Cassie & accountability throughout.

We understand that progress takes time, commitment and booty gains, which is exactly why if you’re ready to take control of your fitness journey, this is for you.

So, what’s included?

Program Includes:

  • An 8-week training program delivered in two 4-week blocks
  • 3 weekly strength and hypertrophy-based (growth-based) sessions designed to build lower body muscle and increase strength
  • 3 weekly sweats sessions designed to increase your cardio capacity and tone your lower body
  • Weekly stretching and mobility sessions, as well as recommended warm-ups and cool-downs for the strength and hypertrophy sessions
  • A seamless app-based approach, with all training sessions & video tutorials in the palm of your hand
  • Direct access to our head coach through our chat function
  • Access to our Community Group via Facebook
  • Bi-weekly booty check ins
  • Weekly Lives in the Facebook group covering specific topics related to exercise technique, nutrition habits, how to build confidence in the gym, the importance of sleep and recovery, or anything you need help and guidance with across the 8-weeks.


Who’s the program ideal for?

This program is for anyone who is ready to grow their glutes, increase their lower body strength & feel confident when hitting the weight section in the gym.

Can beginners use this program?

100%! This program can be used by any fitness level, whether a complete newbie to the weights section or an advanced athlete — the program is designed to support all knowledge and will guarantee results if dedicated to the course.

What equipment do I need?

We would recommend you have access to a gym throughout the 8 weeks as the exercises utilise gym-based equipment, however, we do understand that not all gyms will have all machine-based equipment. If this is the case, Cassie will support all exercise alternatives through direct access in the Facebook community.

What do the Sweat sessions include?

The Sweat sessions will focus on your cardio-based exercises, and will need minimal equipment other than your chosen cardio machine. Other exercises will include movements such as; push-ups, squats, sit-ups & wall balls.

How long until I see results?

Patience is always a virtue, however, if you are sticking to the program, fueling yourself properly and increasing your weights week by week, we guarantee booty growth.

What’s the bi-weekly Booty check-in?

We don’t believe that progress is measured on the scales, which is why we like to observe by keeping a history of progress photos. Your booty check-ins will include progress photo check-ins, which will be shared in the app privately or if you choose you can share with the community!

If you’re ready to grow your glutes, increase your lower body strength and commit to 8 weeks of programming with guidance, recommendations & coaching, alongside a supportive community of other women, get in contact below.

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$225 (one time purchase)

"I love the workouts from all the programs, specifically Bambu Training. And The Dumbbell Program is awesome too!"

Katja Stoll, Germany

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